Cristiano Ronaldo holds out for longer contract extension – 5 more years


The poor Portuguese superstar just can’t afford to live on what he currently gets paid. On top of that, the ageing old man wants to settle up his pension with a 5-year contract extension!

This season’s campaign has not been great for the old boy netting only 4 goals in 678 minutes of European and La Liga football. I know what your thinking, that actually bloody good for not for 21 million euro’s a year its not.

So we’re going to go ahead and call it, Ronaldo is washed up, we are pretty sure he has been hanging out with this man, which may have lead to Ronaldo enjoying some fine Peruvian connections.

Tyson Fury Drug Man

Tyson enjoying his Sunday lunch

Directors at Real Madrid only want to sign Ronaldo for a further 4 years taking him to the old old age of 35.

Let’s put the joking aside a moment, Ronaldo is not going to be washed up in 4 or 5 years. Ryan Giggs played to 41 and he was nowhere near as fit a Ronaldo is.

Could this be Jose’s best chance to intercept the contract and bring Ronaldo back to the red devils? We hope so, Ronaldo in the Premier league would make it far more exciting.

This  will also make the partying with Tyson Fury easier.